Tuesday February 9, 2016


WHAT IS NOMA? Naval Officer Mentorship Association (NOMA) is a professional mentoring association. While we enjoy the sponorship and endorsement from the U.S. Navy we are not an official entity of the United States Navy in any form or fashion. The vast majority of our members are active duty and reserve duty U.S. Navy officers. Members are first and foremost dedicated and involved in the mentoring, professional development and diversity enrichment of all Naval Service officers.

WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN NOMA? If you have ever wondered how to find a role model and mentor, especially the "right role model and mentor" to help yourself grow and mature in your respective career or have actively sought out professional advice from a peer or senior, you will probably know that it is not the easiest of processes. For a variety of reasons, conditions and mainly your specific situation, getting in touch with someone you really need typically reaches well outside your normal "comfort zone" and "standard operating procedure". Likewise, for many senior officers, most have never had the ideal opportunity and platform to formally mentor and provide their "salty" and "sage" advise to such a vast and eager audience of junior officers yearning for mentorship. If you have had any one of these passing thoughts and sobering experiences, you should seriously take the time and consider joining NOMA.

HOW DOES IT WORK? By affiliating and participating in the NOMA organization, members have pledged that they will actively participate and personally interact in the mentoring and professional development of fellow Naval Officers. Whether you are Flag Officer or mid-grade officer or a newly commissioned Ensign/Second Lieutenant, NOMA allows each member to be directly involved in the mentoring process. By specifically leveragin this newly formed and dynamic organization we serve as the newest and most innovative medium of mentorship, communication and networking.

By registering into our interactive web portal, NOMA members can easily search the large database of NOMA members. From there, you can then contact influential naval leaders, subject matter experts, enterprise and community managers, detailers, and wide host of relevant Navy seniors, peers and juniors. Volunteer mentors can find potential proteges and mentees, and vice versa, mentees can hand-pick their potental mentors. Lastly, we have created an environment to further


1. Interactive Database Access
2. Individual Profiles (with member-to-member messaging)
3. Access to Latest Navy News and NOMA Calendar
4. Public Photo Gallery
4. Blogs and Discussion Groups/Forums
5. Future Features: (PodCasts, Video Clips, Professional Development Services)

HOW TO JOIN NOMA? For those interested, the current criteria and requirements apply. At this time, membership is entirely free.

Membership Requirements:

a. All active duty, reserve and retired United States Naval and Marine Corps commissioned officers are eligible for active membership in the Naval Officer Mentorship Association (NOMA). Commissioned officers from other United States military branches are eligible for non-voting “Affiliate” membership status. In addition, all midshipmen and officer candidates in the Naval services are eligible for “Junior” membership status.
b. An active member of the NOMA is one who agrees to abide by the Charter, Mission and Objectives of the organization. An eligible officer becomes an active member (hereafter "Member") by requesting his/her name be added to the NOMA Roster, which shall be maintained by the Association. An eligible officer who is not a Member may still participate in events of the Network at the discretion of the general membership.
c. Active membership is strictly voluntary, and any eligible officer may join or resign from the NOMA at any time.

Membership Categories: There are three categories of membership:

a. Regular Membership: Any person holding or having held a regular or reserve commission, or any regular or reserve warrant officer of the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or any person retired as such shall be eligible for regular membership. This category shall have, in addition to all other rights of membership, the right to vote and the right to hold office. All non-active duty or drilling reservists members must have retired or must have been discharge under Honorable Discharge status, in addition, all non-active duty and drilling reservists must be in good civilian standing with all local, state and federal laws.
b. Affiliate Membership: Any person holding or having held a regular or reserve commission or any regular reserve warrant in any armed service of the United States (except for the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or United States Merchant Marine), This category of membership has all the rights and privileges of regular membership with the exception of the right to hold office of President, Executive Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary and the right to vote.
c. Junior Membership: Any Midshipman of the United States Naval Academy, United States Coast Guard Academy, United States Merchant Marine Academy, or any Midshipman of the Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Training Corps, or its equivalent, or any officer candidate of the aforementioned services actually in training shall be eligible for junior membership. Junior membership shall have all the rights and privileges of regular membership with the exception of the right to hold office and the rig